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Floor saw machines

Floor saw BS6E2 (Electric motor)

Floor saw BS6E2 (Electric motor)

Cortadora de pavimento BS6E2
Diameter (mm.) 600 - 800 mm.
Max. cut depth 320 mm.
Axis diameter 25.4 mm.
Power 7.5Kw/10Hp @ 2850rpm
(400 V 3 phase)
Weight 109 kg.

Removable motor for easy transportation.

The blade can be used from either left or right hand side.

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Floor saw Cut Star 41 B

Floor saw Cut Star 41 B

Applications: Cutting all types of floors, natural and artificial stone , concrete, asphalt, etc.

Cortadora de pavimento 41B
Motor Honda Petrol
Power 13 HP (Honda)
Weight 99 kg.
Tank capacity 25 Liters
Cut depth 170 mm.
Min. diameter (mm.) 350 mm.
Max. diameter (mm.) 450 mm.
Axis diameter 25,4 mm.
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